Compact DIY Fishing kit


The top is a kit all packed up, complete contents below.
2 ranger bands, toothpick and cork bobber, paperclip for tip eye,sinker, and hook on leader.
30 ft 25lb test fishing line, container/reel.
The bag and string are for the spare hook/sinker sets, spare paperclip, 2 half toothpicks.


Ready for packing.


Opened up, you pull out a ready run string, complete with leader, bobber, and eyelet for the tip of your cane.
the spares are bagged, wrapped with string, folded and tucked into the bottom, leaving a string sticking out.


Take one ranger band and mount your reel to your cane


Using the other ranger band, mount eyelet on tip.


You now have a rod and reel ready to go, for mere ounces.