Lantern cases

Case contains:
220F Lantern with Amber globe
502 Single burner stove
1 Gallon fuel
Fuel Funnel
Mantles in Stainlees tin
Steel parts tin containing spare fuel cap, pump clip, small parts
2 Pump kits
Fillet knife
Deck of cards
Flask w/ funnel

Brass mounts for pumps, generators

Leather pockets for Cards, Flask, Oilcan, Ashtray, and strap for match case, brass mounts for pocketwatch, Fuel funnel, Fillet knife.

2 Drawers for upper left

Remember, this is my prototype for the production model, this one will have all the pockets, and spaces for everything that will be available (with exceptions to a few items that would be different than that witch is normal, ei, oilcan and ashtray).

To be added to contents:
Sharpening stone/ ceramic steel, Wrenches, Checkvalve tool, Dental Pics
Leather pockets for Sharpining stone/steel, Wrenches, Checkvalve tool, Dental Pics,
Big drawer for stove (bottom right)
Firstaid kit
Water Purification tablets
Cook kit/ stove case

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