DPd Studio update

So, you may be wondering what iv’e been doing during my recovery, well, heres a few recent pix from Christmas time till now. December was spent insulating the shop to have it reborn as my studio. We then installed a woodburning stove, and all that entails, hearth, heat shield, chimney (ouch, prices went way up), and some used shag carpet to keep the floors warmer. While out getting firewood one day, a man said he had a pile of kindling i could have. Turns out it was 6″ x 3/4″ solid oak flooring, finished on one side. We got as much of it as we could (about a 7′ x9′ patch) and brought it back to the studio. About 90% of it was useable, so it became the floor to the kitchenette area. And thats where we are now. @ months of hard work, and i’m ready for a break and then get back to designing. So, I’m sitting in a warm studio, having a coffee and cig, while i decide what next to design. Oh, on that note, while I was away, so to speak, I’ve designed a stainless steel bottle lifter for stainless steel water bottles (sorry, no pix yet, prototype first, then a patent before pix), and a double barreled stove with upper and lower baffles using 2 5 gallon buckets, and some old computer panels, utilizing a 3″ auto exhaust for a chimney

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