Sorry we’ve been out…..

I haven’t been around a lot since starting this page, I had fully intended to have adventures and projects for you to follow along with. I was ill for a while there, but I am well on the mend now. My energy, and activity levels have both increased. I thought I’d update you all on what has been going on lately, since I haven’t kept up.
We have been invaded by 2 rabbits, who now live in a hutch in the shop. This has forced me to fast track the insulating that i hadn’t planned on doing till next summer. So for the past month its been a race to get the bottom half of the place insulated and sheathed, as well as heated. This includes some old carpet from a neighbor (chocolate shag, i looked it up, it has an R value of 3) so our feets are much warmer. Iv’e laid out where the wood burning stove is to go, and procured almost everything i need to install a stove, except the stove, which i am going to build. I have a 100 pound propane tank, i will cut it in half which will leave me 2 14″ x 18″ cylinders with one end open. One of these will be built vertical (potbelly style) and one horizontal (tent stove style).
Now, with all that going on in there, it has limited the space I can use for new projects. I still have all my wood hand tools, and all my mechanical tools in the shop, but we’ve got a comfy area to talk over designs now too.
Security cams are up. With a remote monitor in the shop, I can see most of the property, including whos at the door.

Lets see, what else….
3 new stove designs to come soon, and an update Mod to the Ammo Can stove.
Possible new design for a permanent Christmas tree.
Possible kit for bucket stove design.

I still lack a proper shop, the shop is more of an R&D studio at this point, and thats ok, for now.
I’m doing a little better every day, and it feels good.
So, I’ll try to get on more often, I’d like to start doing a weekly post, but we’ll see what comes of that. And I’ll leave you with this:

Every day is a new victory, no matter how small, it is a step forward. Sometimes thats all you have, sometimes thats all you need. 

Good night all,

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